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    KATRU will create model ‘research cluster’ using forest resources, research facilities in Shchuchinsk

    Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University (KATRU) is the only institute in Kazakhstan with vast and spectacular forest resources and research facilities in north Kazakhstan. The University has the Faculty of Forestry, Forest Research, Wildlife, and Environment in the Kazakh capital Astana and a research institute, ‘Alikhan Bukeikhanov Research Institute of Forestry’ located in Shchuchinsk, a small city in northern Kazakhstan 214 kilometers northwest of Astana.

    Under its new Rector and Board Chairman, Professor Kanat Maratovich Tireuov, KATRU is transforming its teaching &learning and research practices and processes through strategies such as conducting research in real conditions, providing students and researchers with practice opportunities in the field, and learning by observing, experiencing, and doing.

    KATRU’s forestry faculty students and researchers will now spend more time in the University’s newly developed research and study facilities in Shchuchinsk where they will test and process their observations and findings in newly established fully equipped modern research labs in and around KATRU’s forestlands.

    KATRU is building new research laboratories, academic buildings, and student and staff residences in Shchuchinsk. There will be new themes & techno-parks on the forestland in cooperation with national and global partners. KATRU is looking for suitable partners in establishing a techno-park and more joint research centers in Shchuchinsk on forest, environment, and wildlife. The University is keen on developing ecotourism, also.