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    ICT methodology in teaching – The key collaboration focus between SRM University and NTU

    SRM University, Amaravati, has recently inked an MoU with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, as part of the institution’s recognition towards technological advancements in today’s economy.

    The MoU was signed between SRM University president, P. Sathyanarayanan and NTU president, Bertil Andersson, in the presence of senior administrators. The university has signed MoUs with 35 institutions spreading across seven countries globally. In addition, in this academic year, the university had admissions with a total intake of 250 students in CSE, ECE, and Mechanical Engineering.

    NTU, ranked No. 11 among the world’s best universities has been thriving rapidly and continuously attracting talented students across the globe. Dr. Andersson shared that, “The learning paradigms are now changing with universities in Asia competing with those in Europe or in United States of America. ‘Look East’ is the new catchword and the prospects of higher education and a career are exciting in India. India is the world’s richest country as there are more number of youngsters below 30 years than anywhere in the world”.

    Hence, through this partnership, particularly in the areas of technology, innovation and research, students from SRM University will be able to visit and witness the technology advancements in Singapore, thereby enhancing the possibility of success in their future careers. The inclusion of ICT methodology in teaching is necessary for today’s education industry due to students’ early exposure towards digital learning these days.

    Original source: The Hindu