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    Rising concern about the expanding unemployment rate of fresh graduates

    Recently, there has been a rising concern about the expanding unemployment rate about fresh graduates. Some graduating students are struggling to get hold of interviews much less a job. Hence, can entrepreneurship education be the answer to the present challenge?

    Various academic journals have mentioned entrepreneurship as the critical factor for economic growth and employment creation. It is said to be an effective tool for the mitigation of poverty in developing and transitional countries. By increasing the number of quality entrepreneurs, it not only generates employment, but also encourages innovation and economic empowerment among individuals.

    Entrepreneurship education should be initiated by educators and politicians with the aim of expanding the startup community through the enhancement of students’ entrepreneurship skills and motivation. It is a course that should be introduced to all university students, and these individuals will need to have shift in mindset and embrace this change.

    It is crucial to understand that entrepreneurship courses deal more with innovation, personal initiative, achievement orientation and risking-tasking as opposed to that of business management. The most rewarding courses are those that are equipped with a comprehensive practical orientation to entrepreneurship education, focusing on practical learning. It allows students to learn about entrepreneurship and how to be entrepreneurial at the same time.

    Source: Biz Community

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