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    Creative industries are driving economic growth across the UK, on track to create one million new creative industries jobs between 2013 and 2030

    New research reveals that creative industries are advancing local and national economic growth. Local economics in the UK have expanded their creative industries by approximately 11 percent between 2011 to 2016 with an estimated 162,000 new employees. This continuous expansion can possibly create 900,000 new creative industries jobs by 2030; which is fundamental to the UK workforce and economy because creative jobs are highly skilled, can contribute to productivity growth and are resilient to automation.

    At present, UK is undergoing a surge in creative entrepreneurship with businesses increasing in nine out of 10 places mapped. The creative landscape has also enabled the creation of jobs with over 82 percent of them expanding their creative industries employment. This rapid expansion partly illustrates digital technologies that allow creative businesses to generate content that can be easily exported internationally and increase demand from creative work in other sectors. Creative jobs have been seen to subsequently gain importance because they are difficult to automate.

    Source: Nesta

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