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    Chula University Students Develop Web Application to Help Find New Homes for Stray Animals

    The problems of stray cats and dogs and the lack of a comprehensive and easy-to-use database for their adoption are common in many major cities. In response to these issues, four sixth-year Chulalongkorn University‘s Veterinary Science students: Kamonwan Sengsen (nickname: Beam), Vanitchakan Jaiboon (nickname: Gam), Pimpakarn  Siengruengsaeng (nickname: Pim), Pimrumpa  Kao-ian (nickname: Prim) have developed the “RightBaan” web application to match homeless animals from various shelters with their potential owners.

    Pimrumpa (Prim), the group representative said, “This app is part of our Senior Project requirement. The problem of stray animals has been around for a long time and should be resolved. As veterinary students, we want to find doable solutions.”

    “This year, the faculty gave us students more opportunities to work on innovation, so we decided to develop a web application that collects information of homeless animals from different shelters to pass on to those who wish to adopt them.”

    The “RightBaan” web application collects important information and the history of the animals, such as vaccination, sterilization, as well as their pictures and stories for people who are ready for adoption to browse through.  At the moment, the web only has information about cats and dogs but will include other animals in the future.

    In the future, additional functions will be added, such as a search box, notifications, and alerts.  Users can enter the information of the animals they want, such as color, and age, and get alerts/notifications when such animals become available.

    “We would like to invite interested people to use the service or browse through the web application.  Suggestions are welcome, so we can make further development to even better meet the needs of users,” Prim said.

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