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    Chitkara College of Pharmacy shines in IIRF Rankings 2021

    Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab was ranked 19th in the IIRF Rankings 2021 of the best pharmaceutical colleges in India by Education Post.

    The pharmaceutical sector has experienced a leap in recent times, especially since the pandemic hit and the need to come up with radical drugs to fight new diseases grew. For students who are interested in pharmaceutical studies, several famous institutes offer sophisticated curriculum and facilities for research.

    It is vital for Pharmaceutical Colleges to have top-class laboratories for testing, experienced faculty members who have worked in the field or provide guidance to pharmaceutical companies, and allow access to international journals.

    Ranking pharmaceutical colleges in India is mainly based on these factors. Indian Institutional Ranking Framework 2021 ranks more than 1,000 institutions 300+ universities, 350 Engineering College, 150+ B-Schools, 50 Legal Universities, 50 Design Schools, 50 Architectural Colleges and 100+ Bachelor Colleges for BBA & BCA) throughout the country.

    IIRF is published by the Education Post since 2012, a monthly magazine about higher education. The Federation for World Academics (FWA) guides industrial methodology and feedback and plays the role of a mentor for the IIRF Center for institutional research (ICIR) in India.

    IIRF rating is based on concrete analysis by experts and rankings as the most diverse and authentic rankings in India received by the corporate world. Ranking based on 7 Performance Indicators, deliberately focused on Indian socio-economical and Industrial Economics varies through all Placement performance, teaching and learning, research, industrial income and integration, placement and support strategies, external perceptions, professors, industry experts and collaborations and alumni network. The IIRF ranking analysis has a different perspective of ranking and provides clusters or preferential rating that tends to the authenticity of the assessment.

    The IIRF framework outlines a methodology to rank institutions across the country. It draws seven parameters broadly cover Academic Excellence, Research, Placement Performance, Corporate Interface, Placement Strategies and Support, Teaching Learning Resources & Pedagogy and Future Orientation.