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    A step up:Yessenov University is on its new way

    In the modern conditions of Kazakhstan’s higher education development, the issues of quality management in higher education and its competitiveness are of particular importance and relevance.

    The strategy-oriented rector of Yessenov University and the teaching staff are trying to use modern management technologies that increase the potential of our university, and the ability to win the fight for applicants, grant programs and orders from the production side.

    A sociological survey was conducted in order to obtain a holistic view of the perception of Yessenov University by Aktau citizens. The results of the study suggest that, in general, the work of the university to create its own positive image is conducted quite successfully. The overwhelming majority of the surveyed residents of the Mangystau Oblast believe that Yessenov University to some extent corresponds to their ideas about the modern university. Most often, residents of Yessenov University are associated with the concepts of “knowledge” (37.10% of respondents), “science” (20.70%), “culture” (17.00%), and “innovation” (17.80%). General characteristics of Yessenov University is “a modern, innovative university, competitive in the market of educational services”.

    Stylish image attributes of the university and the use of a large number of products with it contribute to the formation of a sense of ownership and unity.

    Yessenov University has an excellent material base, uses modern learning technologies. Our university has a flexible system of discounts and benefits for paid tuition.

    The quality of the educational process is influenced by the qualifications of professors and teachers of the university. In this regard, the Rector Akhmetov B.B. decided to implement a pilot project: the use of technology “flipped classroom” for all undergraduate students in the course of teaching English. The faculty of the department regularly undergo advanced training courses and certification. So, at the expense of the university, the teachers of English were given the opportunity to pass the generally accepted TKT exam: Teaching Knowledge Test.

    After graduating from undergraduate and graduate programs at Yessenov University, I do not regret my choice. I am proud to have studied at this university and I consider prestige, quality of education, international level of teacher training, an active and interesting student life to be its main image characteristics. And I am sure that Yessenov University graduates have a high competitiveness in the employment market.

    D.R. Kipling wrote: “Education is the most important of earthly blessings, if it is of the highest quality …”. In this regard, Yessenov University has a unique opportunity to get a quality education and become a professional in their field.

    Author: Sona Agayeva

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