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    Technology has resulted in the surge of demand for e-books and online course providers as opposed to textbooks, especially in the higher education sector. However, textbooks co-written by two National University of Singapore (NUS) marketing professors have proved otherwise. These publications have been transcribed and modified for use in universities globally.

    They have been a global hit due to the variation in case studies included. Although many case studies may refer to renowned American companies such as Coca-Cola to demonstrate marketing strategies, there are still many instances where unfamiliar companies have been used as illustrations.

    Hence, for students in Asia to be able to better relate, not only have they included Asian examples such as apparel retailer Uniqlo, as well as home-grown brands i.e. Charles & Keith and BreadTalk bakery in their publications; they have also looked at how Western multinational corporations (MNCs), such as the Hyatt Hotels Corporation have adapted their strategies to conform with regional preferences.

    In addition, these textbooks consist of discussion questions that can help prompt university faculty members to quote other examples of companies that have recently entered their domestic markets so as to remain relevant.

    Despite the age of disruptions, these textbooks are believed to remain applicable because “How people (search for products) may have changed, and consumers are more informed today, but the basic principles of why they would buy a product (such as price and reliability) remain the same.” said NUS Professor Jochen Wirtz.

    Original source: Straits Times