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    Almaty police, emergency services officers complete first aid courses at the Asfendiyarov KazNMU Simulation Center

    At the Simulation Center of Asfendiyarov KazNMU, a charity event for free training for police officers and the Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty was completed. For three months, law enforcement officers and rescuers took first aid courses.

    The training “School of First Aid “Golden Hour” was organized on the initiative of the Chairman of the Board and Rector of KazNMU Marat Shoranov. The purpose of the courses is to improve the training of first responders in critical situations. The rule of the “Golden Hour” is to quickly stabilize the victim’s condition and prevent the deterioration of his condition in order to provide medical care, including emergency care, to the victim as quickly and effectively as possible.

    The purpose of first aid is to save the victim, that is, to eliminate the threat to his life, to prevent further damage and possible complications. The strong earthquakes that occurred in Almaty revealed the need to improve knowledge and skills in providing first emergency aid to the population. World experience shows that seismic safety of the population depends not only on the quality of the seismic service, but also on the general level of seismic education and psychological preparedness of the population, including in providing first emergency aid.

    The training is conducted by employees of the Simulation Center and the Institute of Additional and Professional Education of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University. These are certified trainers who have been trained in international organizations, in particular Israel, the USA and Russia. They are practicing physicians who have extensive clinical and teaching experience. In total, over three months, 1,300 employees of the emergency services and traffic police in Almaty completed the training. All training participants were given certificates.