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    Watching Movies Together: Project for International Students at SUSU

    South Ural State University launches a new project for international students. The Department of Russian as a Foreign Language jointly with the Centre for Sociocultural Adaptation and with support from the Association of International Students presents a new project Watching Movies Together.

    Every two weeks a movie will be announced, which then will be discussed at a movies club and in a dedicated chat. As a result of watching and discussing it is planned to give tasks on writing essays, drawing pictures, and on other forms of comprehending and interpreting of information.

    “At the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language the film discourse has been in the centre of attention for quite some time already. We actively use episodes from animation pictures and movies in our Department’s training technique. Our students develop lessons using the episodes from Yeralash cine-magazine and popular Russian movies. The film discourse is used by our Master’s students as a topic for their research papers. The Department teachers elaborate unique courses by implementing various media texts: those include Film Discourse, and Studies of Russia for international Bachelor’s students; Methods of Listening Training for Master’s students; and of course, a big course on Russian as a Foreign Language for international attendees of the pre-university training programme,” shares Associate Professor at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, and the project supervisor Yulia Kazakova.

    The course is packed with various video episodes from movies, newscasts, and documentaries, which will be used as research materials for international students. This project will help understand each other better, and learn about history and culture of different countries.

    Source: South Ural State University

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