University of Anbar finishes its ultimate return to its original site in Ramadi


 August 22nd, 2017 is a historic day in the long walk of Anbar University as its presidency finished its ultimate return to its original site in Ramadi on this day, turning over, thereby, its three-year long page of enforced displacement. On this day, Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017, Professor Khalid Battal Al-Najem, President of Anbar University, accompanied by his two administrative and scientific assistants and the deans of the colleges, re-inaugurated the opening of the facilities of the university headquarters in the university original site in Ramadi. His Excellency the president of the university cut the ribbon amid the joy and happiness of the university staff. He gave a press conference on the stages of the university return and the transportation of the university holdings from Abu Ghareeb site in Baghdad, emphasizing at the same time final closing of all the substitute and alternative sites of the university.

The university president declared: “From now on there is no Anbar university outside the borders of Anbar governorate,” in a clear reference to his redeeming a promise he pledged in his first speech as a university president on January 9th, 2017.

His Excellency added that in spite of all the hard conditions the university underwent in the last three years it shall be back the way it was before by the will and forearms of its affiliates of the university council, staff, and students. The next academic year, he confidently hoped, shall, by all measures, be successful by God’s will. 


Assistant  Professor Dr.Zeina Al-Sabti

Manager of Quality Assurance And Accreditation Department –University of Anbar