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    AUS researchers secure patent for miniature digitized radar system

    Researchers from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) College of Engineering (CEN) have obtained a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a novel radar system that has many advantages over traditional radar systems.

    The miniature digital radar system is a modern, high-performance radar system with a small footprint that has capacity for wide coverage and diverse ranges. The system can detect small targets, such as drones, even when flying at low altitudes and from a long distance away– something most traditional radar systems are unable to do. Multiple digital receiver channels are employed, making the radar system immune from external attempts to jam it or reduce its capabilities. The device’s small size makes it portable and requires less energy usage than traditional radars.

    Due to its size and capabilities, the invention is expected to have a far-reaching impact for both civil and defense purposes. With the UAE looking to develop and commercialize indigenous security and defense technologies, those leading the invention expect there to be interest in the potential of the radar both in the UAE and further abroad. Looking ahead, the inventors are seeking to further optimize the system. Currently, the radar is the size of a small, printed circuit board. By further reducing its size and weight, new commercial markets will likely become available. The inventors are also working on adding artificial intelligence capabilities to the radar so that it has better discrimination capabilities, including accurate identification of targets.

    Leading the development of the radar are two professors from the CEN Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Lutfi Albasha and Dr. Hasan Mir. They have been assisted by their undergraduate and graduate students, including two UAE national students.

    Securing a patent for the system from the USPTO will help to protect the university’s intellectual property and allow the inventors to continue to develop the product in a way that is commercially viable. AUS is now looking at licensing opportunities with industrial partners to further increase the technology readiness level and commercialize the technology.

    “The patent is far-reaching in its technical breadth and its impact on the market. It provides us with a strong technical edge and legal intellectual property protection, allowing us to develop multiple advancements in the field of modern electronics and radars”, said Dr. Albasha.

    As a leading university in the region, AUS has built a strong reputation as a hub for research, scholarly and creative activities, and graduate studies.

    Our faculty are active researchers, making breakthroughs and discoveries in areas that impact our society and our future, contributing to the body of scholarly knowledge. For more, please visit www.aus.edu/research-and-graduate-studies.