UNAIR’s Floating Hospital Arrives in Majene


Airlangga University‘s Ksatria Airlangga Floating Hospital (RSTKA) finally arrived in Majene, West Sulawesi, on Saturday, January 23, 2021. RSTKA had decided to set sail to Majene considering the equal distribution of services and easy access for victims and communities affected by the disaster.

Director of RSTKA dr. Agus Harianto, SpB., stated that the ship’s route was changed to Majene because according to the report, the services in Mamuju were quite complete. The healthcare facilities there began to function and there was also support from the national military through KRI Soeharso.

“Regional hospitals are already functioning and performing surgeries. Other hospitals are also operational, including from KRI Soeharso which has provided services, “he said.

Dr. Agus also stated that Majene was the epicenter of the West Sulawesi earthquake and the medical services there are still quite limited.

“We want to reach victims who are close to the epicenter of the earthquake,” said the RSTKA Field Coordinator.

“Medical services near Majene at this time is only from RSTKA. The location of Majene Hospital from the epicenter is quite far. It takes 50 minutes from RSTKA to Majene Hospital. Then from RSTKA to Malunda, it also takes 50 minutes,” said Dr. Agus.

“Our position is in the middle of Malunda Sub-district and Majene Hospital,” he said.

At the moment, RSTKA is involved more in the community to look for trauma cases that have not been treated.

“We will try to persuade the victim to undergo surgery. That’s our focus, “said Dr. Agus.

Not only medical services onboard, but RSTKA volunteers also carry out extra-hospital activities (non-medical treatment), such as establishing a refugee kitchen that can produce 600–700 packaged meals and provide clean water. Also, visiting the community for trauma healing.

The floating hospital (RSTKA) is a 114 GT (Gross tonnage) ship with medical equipment and drugs. Like a hospital, onboard, there are operating rooms and other medical services. As of Monday, January 25, 2021, RSTKA has provided services to 35 patients and performed 7 operations with the assistance of orthopedic doctors and general surgeons.

“We are still updating the number of patients treated,” said Dr Agus.

“If we plan well, we can have a good impact. We focus on the services we have prepared. Keep up the spirit to serve with love and humility. God bless us all,” he concluded.