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    UNAIR holds leadership training for international students

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – Airlangga Mobility 2019 (Airmob) held a summer camp program for international students from Brunei and Taiwan. It was held to train management, leadership, and to introduce Indonesian culture.

    Airmob is an event organized by Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) in early September. It was attended by 16 international students from Brunei Darussalam University, Providence University, Feng Chin University, and Asia University.

    Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih M.Si as the Executive Director of AGE said the program was intended to strengthen ties for both UNAIR and its students. “The main output of this program is global insight for UNAIR students, especially for those who still have not got an opportunity to go abroad. The second thing, UNAIR will gain international recognition, “ she said.

    One of the main agendas of Airmob is a workshop on Leadership and Management by Psychology lecturer, Dimas Aryo Wicaksono, S.Psi., M.SC. In the workshop, students were educated to recognize and manage their potential for leadership.

    One of the workshop participants, Tan Jia Wen from the University of Brunei Darussalam said that the program provided new knowledge and expertise on leadership.

    In addition to the leadership and management training agenda, Prof. Nyoman said AGE also organized some exciting program for international students such as batik training, gamelan, and introduction to Indonesian.

    One of the program participants, Kuan-Ying Huang revealed that she was interested in the introductory session on gamelan and batik. “In Taiwan, formal events such as weddings are only filled with current popular music. I saw gendang and batik in here, for me it is exciting, “said the student from Asia University.

    Through this program, Prof. Nyoman said UNAIR is always open to international collaboration, such as international student visits and exchanges. Not only universities from Taiwan and Brunei, but also other universities globally. (*)

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