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    UNAIR Fisheries Students identify fish and shrimp bacteria in Malaysia

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – One of every student dream is going abroad and be funded by Faculty to conduct Field Work Practices (PKL) or research. Several students in Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Universitas Airlangga (FPK UNAIR) lived the dream as they conducted fieldwork practices in Malaysia.

    FPK UNAIR had the opportunity to send four Aquaculture Study Program students: Zulfa Arofatul Jannah, Mei Rifqi Mursyidah, Beby Mande Bumbungan, and Sefanya Sara Vicensia for fieldwork practices at Faculty of Fisheries and Food Science University Malaysia Terengganu (FPSM UMT). The activities started from November 24 to December 22.

    The four of them took the topic of street vendors regarding bacteria and fungi in fish and shrimp. The method to identify bacteria is using vitek tests (biochemical tests, ed) and observing gram strain of bacteria, histopathological test, testing bacterial resistance to antibiotics in bacteria, antimicrobial tests of mangrove extracts, enzyme tests, and PCR tests.

    “Due to the short time, we did not carry out direct enzyme tests and PCR tests. Our lecturer in Malaysia guided us in testing bacteria, “said Zulfa, a student from Lamongan.

    Moreover, FPK UNAIR student also prepared for their thesis material. In the future, the four students and their supervisor will publish three international accredited Scopus journals.

    Besides participating in a work field trip, they also learned the local culture in Malaysia. The students said that the practicum ran smoothly with the help of laboratory assistants at UMT assisted their research.

    “Our supervisor is from Canada and we are trying to communicate in English, “said Zulfa.

    Moreover, the four students also initiated to practise their work several times in the lab to improve their skills without their lecturer.

    “Our supervisor highly appreciates our performance,” she added.

    Besides, their supervisor also offered the four PKL students to take part in the project and continue their Master study in Malaysia. Zulfa explained that if you want to carry out your work field trip abroad, then you have to be diligent in saving money and be smart at managing time. (*)

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