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    UNAIR Clinical Pharmacy Holds International Conference Involving Five Countries

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – As one of the best universities in Indonesia, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) actively participates in international events. Recently, UNAIR has also been supporting worldwide events, by hosting or organizing activities.

    One of the international events held at UNAIR is IGSCPS (International Graduate Students Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences). The international conference, organized by Faculty of Pharmacy (FF), was held in Multipurpose Hall of Nanizar Jaman JoenoesBuilding, Campus C UNAIR. The event lasted for two days on August 28-29.

    “This year is the second year we hold IGSCPS. For this year, our theme and topic are focused on clinical pharmacy practices and pharmaceutical science. “explained Prof. Dr. Suhardjono, MS., Apt as Head of 2019 IGSCPS committee.

    The conference involved UNAIR Faculty of Pharmacy lecturers, especially the Clinical Pharmacy department. Besides, this event also included Masters and Doctoral students from Faculty of Pharmacy. According to Prof. Suhardjono, students need to practice their communication skills and get new experiences from international conferences.

    The conference was attended by 43 participants from 5 different countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Australia, and Taiwan. In addition to submitting papers, the participants also held oral presentations.

    According to Prof. Suhardjono, this event was held to give a new experience for FF UNAIR students. Because it was held in Surabaya, he hoped students would participate in the event and get the opportunity to attend an international conference.

    “This conference is held here, so it is more efficient for students. “ he said.

    By participating in this event,  students are trained to communicate their work well. FF UNAIR students have the opportunity to meet speakers from abroad and hone their English language skills.

    “They gained a lot of knowledge from foreign speakers, and there were also participants from other universities in Indonesia. We hope students can exchange ideas with other fellow students, “said Prof. Suhardjono.

    “Besides, this event is the right place for students to present and deliver their research,” he concluded. (*)

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