UMP signs MoU with IIM on Governance, Ethics and Integrity


Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) on 6th August 2018 to improve corporate governance systems, ethics and integrity in the pursuit of establishing a morally-sound and ethical society.

Through the MoU, both parties will collaborate to harness and promote good governance, ethics, and integrity. This MoU signals a significant milestone achieved in the ongoing co-operation between them, particularly the Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM) of UMP via its FIM Governance and Integrity Centre (FGIC), and IIM. Various scopes of their upcoming co-operation are as follows:

  1. To co-operate in organising workshops, seminars, colloquiums, and any events alike in nature regarding governance, ethics, and integrity.
  2. To co-operate in developing course modules, research articles and journals on governance, ethics, and integrity.
  3. To co-conduct courses on governance, ethics, and integrity for administrators, academics, students, and the UMP community in general.
  4. To promote governance, ethics, and integrity in communicative activities such as dialogues, forums, round-table discussions regarding issues on governance, ethics, and integrity to the stakeholders of UMP and IIM.

The MoU was signed by the Vice Chancellor of UMP, Professor Dato’ Sri Ts. Dr. Daing Mohd Nasir Bin Ibrahim, and the Deputy Chief Operating Officers of IIM, Dr. Ahmad Fadzli Bin Ahmad Tajuddin at the Pekan campus of UMP. Also present at the MoU signing was the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni of UMP, Professor Dato’ Yuserrie Bin Zainuddin.

UMP is a 5-Star technological university producing competent and highly-competitive graduates who carry with them governance, ethics, and integrity. “We strongly believe that UMP graduates are not only highly-competitive and competent, but also characterised by good virtues and values that keep them away from dishonouring accountability in exchange for materialism and self-comfort, all of which would ultimately ruin the society”, said Dato’ Sri Daing.

At UMP, the FGIC players impart good values of morality to its stakeholders. The MoU is the way forward for the UMP community to benefit because collaborations in the form of joint researches, publications, and trainings and joint supervisions of postgraduate students in governance, ethics, and integrity would create competitive edges.

To date, this smart partnership has yielded seminars, publications, and conferences, all of which have enriched the body of knowledge in the fields of governance, ethics, and integrity. To illustrate, the Anti-Bribery Management System developed in Malaysia was recognised by the Prime Minister’s Department and had received enormous publicities from the main-stream media. In summary, this MoU encourages even greater governance, ethics, and integrity at UMP.

[Source: Professor Dato’ Ishak Bin Ismail, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Corporate and Quality Affairs, UMP) and Professor Dato’ Hasnah Binti Haron, Dean of Institute of Postgraduate Studies, UMP]