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    UiTM’S FSPU-ACIS Strive To Promote Shariah Compliance in the Built Environment through Webinar Series

    A Webinar Series program organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying (FSPU) and the Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam has started its first series on the 14 October 2020.

    The first series initiated by both research groups, Shariah in the Built Environment (SiBE) from FSPU and Muamalat in Islamic Built Environment (MiIBE) from ACIS, has brought the first speaker, Professor Sr Dr. Khairuddin Abdul Rashid from FSPU to talk about “Shariah and Its Application in the Built Environment: An Agenda for Research”.

    150 participants amongst students, staff, alumni, and industry players joined the 2-hour webinar session via Cisco Webex online platform.

    “The concept of Shariah compliance in the Contract and Procurement in the construction industry gives a very positive impact. It is not only focusing on the Muslim construction industry players and their construction practices, but it has preceded with success in the banking sector. Think about Islamic Banking and Finance, is it only benefiting the Muslims, or does it benefit all? Shariah is not for selected groups, it is meant for all. In fact, in Islamic Banking and Finance, in certain banks, the number of non-Muslims putting their money there, using the facilities are more than the Muslims. Yes, it is applicable for all,” said Professor Sr Dr. Khairuddin Abdul Rashid.

    “The elements such as Al-Iktinaz (black marketing), Al-Ihtikar (monopoly), Riba (interest charges) and Gharar (uncertainties) are completely prohibited in the concept of Shariah compliance, in which have led to various discrepancies and many issues in the contract awards and project financing, ” he added more.

    The Shariah in the Built Environment (SiBE) Research Group under the South East Asian Built Environment Research Centre (SEABERC), Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, UiTM Shah Alam was established on the 21st September 2020.

    Initiated under the Centre of Studies for Quantity Surveying, FSPU, and led by Professor Sr Dr. Khairuddin Abdul Rashid himself, SiBE is to promote the concept of Shariah compliance in the built environment, to give exposure not only to the construction industry players in Malaysia, but also to the academician, researchers and students of higher learning institutions.

    It is hoped that this Shariah compliance’s concept will be better known in the future to be complied in the built environment, to further improve the construction industry practices in Malaysia.

    Next series of the webinar program presents more talks on “Shariah and the Built Environment” (Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Dani Muhamad, 28th October 2020), “Shariah in Design and Building Infrastructure” (Professor Dato’ Dr. Ar Asiah Abd Rahim, 11th November 2020), “Islamic Leadership Principles in Project Management” (Sr Dr. Muhammad Rosdi Senam, 25th November 2020), “Alam Bina Islam Menurut Kitab Al-Jidal”(Pn Sharifah Fadylawaty Syed Abdullah, 9th December 2020), “Shariah Kontrak dalam Alam Bina” (Associate Professor Ezani Yaakub, 23th December 2020), “ Suluh/Tahkim in the Built Environment” (Dr Noorul Huda Sahari, 13th January 2021), “A Review on Shariah and Its Application on Defects in Housing Projects” (Mohd Salahuddin Shahruddin, 27th January, 2021), and “Forum: Shariah in the Built Environment” (17th February 2021).

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