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    UiTM’s Collaborative Research Initiatives Produces Joint Publications

    Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Kedah branch has stepped forward via its academic collaboration to produce joint publications with Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University (SSRU), Thailand. Associate Professor Dr Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin and Associate Professor Dr Nik Ramli Nik Abdul Rashid successfully published four articles from the research conducted in Thailand in 2019.  All articles were published in indexed journals which will bring benefits to researchers from both universities. As a follow-up, this year another publications effort will be geared up through joint research with a matching grant between SSRU and UiTM Kedah.

    The first article entitled “Comparative Analysis of Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Approach in Warehouse Location Selection of Agricultural Products in Thailand” was written by Martusorn Khaengkhan, Chattrarat Hotrawisaya, Bhuk Kiranantawat and Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin, and published in October 2019 in International Journal of Supply Chain Management. The paper used the Multiple Criteria Decision Making Theory (MCDM) focused on how to select suitable warehouse location, which is very important for business organisations that buy, produce, and store agricultural products of grass flowers.

    The second article entitled “Enhancing Supply Chain Performance of SMEs in Thailand Using the Integrated Personnel Development Model” which was published in October 2019 in the International Journal of Supply Chain Management was authored by Bundit Phrapratanporn, Preecha Wararatchai, Wissawa Aunyawong and Nik Ramli Nik Abdul Rashid. The article was based on research which used a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach in developing outstanding SME entrepreneurs in Thailand that could bring about enhanced business performance, including vital supply chain functions.

    The third paper entitled “Resource Supply Attributes Affecting Delay of High-Rise Building Construction in Thailand” was published in October 2019 in International Journal of Supply Chain Management, authored by Chanicha Moryadee, Bhuk Kiranantawat, Wissawa Aunyawong and Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin. The article investigated the major resource supply causes and effects of delay problems in high-rise building construction projects in Thailand.

    The fourth article entitled “Congestion and Pollution, Vehicle Routing Problem of a Logistics Provider in Thailand” published in December 2019 in The Open Transportation Journal was authored by Chanicha Moryadee, Wissawa Aunyawong and Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin. The article was based on a study which was conducted in Thailand by proposing a potential model that can minimise the travelling distance, operation cost in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. All of the articles are freely accessible online at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mohd_Rizaimy_Shaharudin and https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nik_Ramli_Nik_Abdul_Rashid


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    Prepared by – Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin & Noor Zahirah Mohd Sidek, UiTM

    Edited by – Geetha Subramaniam, Fellow, InQKA (UiTM)