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    UiTMLaw’s Global Immersion Program: Bridging international collaboration

    Faculty of Law, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTMLaw) and Faculty of Law, Padjajdaran University (UNPAD) have recently collaborated for delivering the Global Immersion Program (GIP). The online event garnered substantial participation from Malaysia and Indonesia. This event was conducted to pursue knowledge sharing between the two law schools regarding legal discourse specifically, on the Agrarian and Environmental Law.

    The event was officiated by the Vice Dean of Faculty of Law, UNPAD, Dr. Gusman Siswandi. At the same time, the opening remark was delivered by the Dean of UiTMLaw, Associate Professor Dr. Hartini Saripan.

    The event, scheduled as a one-day seminar, packed several sessions discussing many environmental law issues. The first session was conducted via forum titled “Security of Tenure in Land Ownership: A Review on Malaysia and Indonesian Land Law” delivered by Dr Nia Kurniati from UNPAD and Dr. Noraziah Abu Bakar representing UiTMLaw.

    The second session was convened by Dr. Beatriz Garcia De Oliveira from Western Sydney University, Australia, on International Environmental Law. Finally, the session ended with a talk delivered by UiTMLaw Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Siti Hafsyah Idris and Yulinda Adharani from UNPAD, on the title of “Sustainable Agriculture and Protection of the Environment”.

    This event has gradually nurtured the collaboration synergy between the Faculty of Law, UNPAD, and UiTMLaw in many ways, and both organizations look forward to organizing more events and conferences in the future.  Moving forward, UiTMLaw is optimistic that this step taken towards bridging international collaboration would bring more fruitful outcomes in promoting legal discourse.

    UiTMLaw continues to strive for international visibility as an institution that produces high-quality law graduates. In line with its 2021 theme of “Global Prominence”, UiTMLaw has engaged with many international universities by signing several Memorandums of Understanding with their respective law schools such as the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University and Faculty of Law, Padjajdaran University (UNPAD).

    Apart from research collaboration and international mooting competition, UiTMLaw is committed to providing a platform for legal knowledge sharing with many international collaborators. The UiTMLaw experts are very keen on sharing their legal insights on current and contemporary legal issues via conferences, seminars, and roundtable discussions.

    Latest Posts

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