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    UiTMLaw at forefront of disability inclusion within government sector

    On 8th June 2022, Dr. Ikmal Hisham Md Tah moderated a forum session “MyCEKAP Public Facilities: Inclusivity Discussion on Policy and Initiative by the Ministry of Transport Malaysia”. The forum session discussed matters concerning public facility and inclusivity, with the objective of providing information to People with Disabilities (PWD) on the Government’s efforts in improving policies, action plans and programmes that benefit vulnerable communities which include persons with disabilities.

    In addition, the forum session also aimed to encourage participation from the community to build an inclusive society; and to create participants’ profiles to ensure sharing of information in an effective manner. The forum session was organised by the People With Disabilities Communication Unit, Department of Information Malaysia, Putrajaya.

    Ms. Ayuni Mahammad Zin, officer from the Ministry of Transport Malaysia, elaborated on various initiatives by the Ministry that benefit PWD during the session. They include accessible public transport, transport licence, and audit access on transport facilities. Works and continuous improvements on public transport, including trains and buses, have been carried out to ensure that the facilities are disabled-friendly and accessible to everyone.

    In addition, the Malaysian government has also provided numerous initiatives, including the discount card for PWD, the accessible ticket counter, the PWD platform and ample accessible places within public transport infrastructure for wheelchair users, the portable ramp, and the emergency button. Ministry of Transport Malaysia, through its National Transport Policy and Action Plan, has provided continuous improvements, including best practices on the transport system and facilities to ensure that they would be accessible and could provide more benefits to the PWD community in Malaysia. This program demonstrates a significant contribution of UiTMLaw expert at the forefront of disability inclusion within society through accessible and disabled-friendly transport systems and facilities in Malaysia.