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    UiTM Lecturer Shares Government Initiatives during COVID-19

    Dr J.S.Keshminder, Economics lecturer from the Faculty of Business and Management,(FBM), Universiti Teknologi MARA ( UiTM), Malaysia shared his thoughts on the challenges of Covid-19 and the government initiatives in facing them at various Malaysian TV programs(RTM and BERNAMA).

    In the interviews with BERNAMA TV mid-2020, DR J.S.Keshminder highlighted that these economic stimulus initiatives must take into account certain crucial aspects such as the need to ensure the survival of small and medium business during and post-pandemic as well as sustaining jobs and controlling the unemployment rate.

    He highlighted that the Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi (PENJANA), an initiative set by the government is not to be missed by the labour force and businesses as there are great opportunities that await them to overcome the challenges caused by Covid-19.  Aptly, this initiative could uplift Malaysia’s economy,  sustain businesses and create employability.

    In another TV program in July 2020, he encouraged the micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to champion the e-business market to sustain themselves, significantly amidst Covid19.  Their involvement in digitalizing their businesses can ensure their survival and boost the e-business in Malaysia.

    He spoke on the “steps to assist the entrepreneurs in acing digital business, which are indispensable as the market post-Covid-19 is highly digitalized”.  He even shared his thoughts in his write-up on “COVID-19’s role in boosting e-commerce and restoring market mechanism” (BERNAMA. https://www.bernama.com/ en/thoughts/news.php?id=1844108 – 22 May 2020).

    Not only has the economy become highly digitalized, but also the emergence of the gig economy post-Covid-19 is very evident. In RTM’s Selamat Pagi Malaysia program and Berita Perdana in October 2020, Dr J.S.Keshminder highlighted the concept of the gig economy, the transformation of our work culture and the economic benefits of gig jobs amidst Covid-19.  He also discussed the need to develop an initiative or strategy to elevate gig jobs and setting policy measure to increase employability.

    The thoughts shared by Dr J.S Keshminder help to give a better insight to the public on the various initiatives or strategies that could assist in the uplifting the Malaysian economy, sustaining businesses and increase employability.

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