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    UiTM FPM final year student bags full sponsored internship in japan

    Ms. Nur Khalila Khairuddin, the Final Year student of Information Systems Management Program (IM245), Faculty of Information Management, (locally known as Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat (FPM), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Selangor Branch, is the successful candidate out of 24,000 applicants from the OECD/DAC-listed countries and is one of seven successful candidates from Malaysia. The internship program begins on 7 November 2019 and ends on 17 December 2019. The host company is Far East Inc. Saitama Prefecture, Japan 33-1, Okawara, Hanno, Saitama 357-0065.

    According to Dr. Mohd Ridwan Seman, a senior lecturer from the Faculty of Information Management, UiTM Selangor Branch, and Ms. Nur Khalila’s Academic Advisor, the Japan Internship Program is the first international internship program participated by the FPM’s student. Dr. Mohd Ridwan claims that the Program runs its third series of an internship program for foreign nationals. The organizer of the Program is the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), Government of Japan under the FY2019 Technical Cooperation and Emerging Market Development Program. It is eligible for highly skilled foreign professionals who are currently not living in Japan and come from the OECD/DAC-listed countries except China. This Program provides the intern students the opportunities to spend a full three months internship in the selected SME host company.

    The primary responsibilities of Ms. Nur Khalila throughout internship are as follows:

    • Formulate an internship plan through discussion with the Internship manager
    • Participate in pre-training, follow-up training, and wrap-up presentation.
    • Engage in a full-time internship during the designated period.
    • Keep safe and healthy throughout the internship, secure emergency-related contact information in Japan, in regular contact with the Program Office and the host company, seek assistance with them in case of injury or mental illness, etc.
    • Need to assist tasks requested from the Program Office (such as documentation, notification, and report) not only during the internship period but also during pre-and post-internship period.
    • A recipient of Japanese government public funds expects to proper behavior and conduct.

    Ms. Nur Khalila also receives the following benefits:

    1. Four thousand yen per day for living allowances throughout the internship period.
    2. A return flight ticket on economy class and travel insurance includes.
    3. Insurance covers throughout the internship
    4. The company also provides allowances for transportation and accommodation in related training programs.

    This Program offers a priceless working experience for Ms. Nur Khalila. The opportunity is rare and is instrumental in providing Ms. Nur Khalila with workplace skills and expertise within Japanese culture.

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    Prepared by: Saidatul Akmar Ismail, Ph.D., Faculty of Information Management