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    TU Opens Digital Learning Center and Co-working Space

    Faculty of Learning Science and Education, Thammasat University, together with SKY ICT Public Company Ltd. open Digital Learning Center (DLC), the learning center specifically designed to be a place for advising about cooperating technology and innovation to learning curriculum to personnel, educational institutions, and every learning-teaching organizations all over the country. There are many ways to introduce technologies and innovations such s using educational media to teach or even allow learners to create their own knowledge.

    DLC has three main roles- creating educational media, sharing knowledge, and extending knowledge. By creating the media, DLC also gets a chance to develop the online learning system and media. DLC is currently providing support to many projects in the university like “Korkankru”, program for future leadership, and online classes in Thammasat Gen Next Academy and Thai MOOC.

    Asst. Prof. Dr. Anuchat Poungsomlee, Dean of Thammasat University’s Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, said that by opening the co-working space and DLC, it will make the result of the DLC become more than just the technology. There will also be the space and the environment that is designed for students to learn and work as well as develop a connection, relationship, and sharing thoughts and ideas. Soon, this space will become a public space, where all the people behind the driving force of the educational world assemble.

    Mr. Sithidej Mayalarp, Director and Chief Executive Officer of SKY ICT PCL said that the company is determined to work in this project creating the space that fosters learning and boosts participation in learning. Technology will help bring people away from the confined conventional classroom, breaking through the wall that prohibits the learners’ efficiency.

    The students can access the lessons whenever and wherever. This will respond to the need of not only students but also teachers, staff, and everyone in the digital era we are in. The students will have better access to the information needed in learning and working. The communication, sharing, and receiving information all of which will create an endless learning community, under good management, as well as the steady and sustainable change toward being a “Smart University”.

    Besides supporting the building of the Co-working Space and DLC, SKY ICT PCL is also working with the Sensetime company, and teacher and students from SKY ICT PCL to develop the AI curriculum. In this collaboration, the company is hoping to be a part of AI training for the interested public and maybe be featured in the high school students’ curriculum in the future.

    Assoc. Prof. Gasinee Witoonchart, Rector of Thammasat University also congratulated on this occasion that, “I would like to thank SKY ICT PCL that see the importance of technology and innovation in the educational setting as well as the collaboration and co-working culture between students and students, and students and the public.”

    “The company also has been a big support to transitioning to online by sharing the knowledge and giving advice to our staff members. Also, Co-Working Space will be a great public space. the students in Thammasat University and Thammasat Demonstration School”

    The opening ceremony of the Co-Working Space and Digital Learning Center (DLC) was held on Sunday, August 23, 2020, at Sirivithayarak building, Faculty of Learning Science and Education, Thammasat University Rangsit campus.

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