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    The Science of Strategy Execution: Creating Shared Value and Positive Impact

    It is with great honor that I announce the launch of new science-The Science of Strategy Execution: Creating Shared Value and Positive Impact. It is based on Harvard Business School work:

    The Story of the science:

    It’s been 25 years since Harvard Business School Professor Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and cohort David P. Norton put forth the concept and research of the Balanced Scorecard, a practice of measuring whether the smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and strategy. However, the culture and strategy remains relevant today.

    Things have changed from that time and the “science” of Strategy Execution is a broad concept to replace the “Balanced Scorecard” and “Execution Premium” to create value and positive Imapct. It is now a clear “science”.

    The book “The science of Strategy Execution” is an extraordinary integration of management and practice from a strategy management perspective. Its objective to help readers make meaning from the Balanced Scorecard and Execution Premium.

    The result is an inspirational practice of the Balanced Scorecard and the Execution Premium that will resonate with every reader’s experience.

    Palladium Summit in 2017  discussed The future of Strategy: The Road Travelled and Path Ahead:

    Dr.David Norton discussed a unique journey from the science of Strategy Execution to todays’ breakthrough Positive Impact framework in a video address. But,

    What is Positive Impact? and What is Positive Impact Framework?

    Positive impact is the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value.

    The Positive Impact Framework is a new way to build, execute and measure your organization’s strategy. Designed with the collaboration of multi-stakeholder alliances in mind including corporations, communities, investors and more, the positive Impact will help organizations formulate strategies and implement solutions that generate benefits for communities, corporations and the environment.

    So social impact is part of creating shared value or the destination of creating value.

    The “science” of Strategy Execution will sure replace Balanced Scored and the Execution Premium to create shared value and positive Impact. 

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