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    With the growing number of higher education institutions and scientific research centers and their spreading in the various parts of the world, there has been a rapid development of knowledge and in its different fields. This development of knowledge carries with it new ideas and solutions to problems facing human communities.

    Therefore it has become necessary to disseminate knowledge so that it becomes available and easily accessible to human communities in the various parts of the world to know its new developments and make use of it.

    Based on that, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) in collaboration with Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd International Foundation (PMIF) launched an initiative under the name “The Knowledge Project” to monitor and track the progress and development of knowledge in the various fields and publish it using the different international languages so that it becomes accessible to all human communities worldwide.

                The Objectives of the Projects are:

    • Participation in the dissemination of knowledge
    • Increase the scope of making useful usage of the development of knowledge worldwide by maintaining and publishing it using the different international languages.
    • Support scientists contributing to the advancement of knowledge by translating their publications to the different international languages.
    • Contribute to the provision of international references in the various fields of knowledge using the different international languages.

                The Fields of Activities of the Project:

    • Translation:

    Translation of publications that their contents constitute a new addition to human knowledge from their original languages to the different international languages.

    • Publication:

    Collaborate with publishing houses in distributing translated publications to be available to all those who need it to make use of it.

    • Support and Development of Knowledge:

    Extract the best experiences and practices contained in the translated publications and transfer it to communities in the Arab Countries to develop knowledge and make use of it.

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