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    The impact of research on the future of dental education: how research and innovation shape dental education and the dental profession

    Scientific inquiry and discovery are the drivers for education, research, technology and healthcare in all health engagements: dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and allied health sciences. The phases of revelation from clinical to implementation and enhanced health results and processes.

    Predominantly, implementation science is the scientific study of methods to promote the systematic uptake of research findings and other relevant evidence-based practices into the basics of care, hence enhancing the quality, effectiveness and cost benefits of health care services. Therefore, science has and will most likely continue to furnish the fundamental means for innovation that lead to new and refined technologies for risk assessment, prevention, diagnosis, treatments and therapeutics and exertion to address oral and craniofacial diseases and disorders. The history of the United States dental profession analysed in this article serves as affirmation to the progressive need of an extensive healthcare for the people.

    At present, opportunities and challenges are interconnected to the acquisition and management of a dynamic knowledge base for the biomedical, behavioral and health-related sciences. This knowledge base is influencing academia, government, industry and healthcare in the United States and beyond. For clinicians, educators, scientists, relevant industries and the population, the best is yet to come. This article sheds light on the development of the United States dental profession and education and the fundamental aspect of science and research in the history of dental profession in the United States.

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