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    The Copyright Secured

    Togliatti State University (TSU) has patented the electric bike Black Panther. The Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Russia) has decided to grant TSU a patent for industrial design.

    Black Panther electric bike was developed by TSU student team SmartMoto Togliatti Racing Team (Smartmoto TRT). In the summer 2019, TSU students made their debut in Barcelona and became champions in Type A category (engine up to 10 kW) of Smartmoto Challenge, electrical light motorcycles competition of schools and engineering universities from all over the world.

    Within a few days of the competition, Smartmoto TRT successfully passed all the stages of technical tests, presented the business plan and scored perfectly during dynamic events on the track, and thus Black Panther electric bike was recognized as the fastest.

    The motorcycle weighs 89 kg; when assembling, the emphasis was placed on the reliability of the mechanisms. Thanks to the liquid-cooled engine, well-thought-out heat exchange of the equipment and operating modes, the motorcycle is able to undergo thorough testing exposed to all worst-case conditions which was proved on the Spanish track. Young TSU engineers work within the framework of the concept of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) and apply various innovative solutions. Smart telemetry and navigation systems are used to control the vehicle.

    In December 2019, the motorcycle became an exhibit of the 4th national exhibition VUZPROMEXPO-2019 at the joint exhibition stand of Samara region. In September 2020, the racing vehicle was shown to the participants of the All-Russian Engineering Forum, held in the technopark Zhigulevskaya Dolina. The electric bike received a lot of good reviews from the experts in the field of engineering.

    “We patent all the developments of the Mechanical Engineering Center – this is the policy of Togliatti State University, as well as any other enterprise that is creating an innovative product,” explains Alexander Bobrovsky, Smartmoto TRT project manager, Associate Professor and the Head of TSU Department of Design and Cars Operation (Institute of Mechanical Engineering) and PhD in Technical Science.

    The engineers applied for the patent in September 2020. According to the results of the examination, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property issued a positive conclusion. The patent is valid until October 15, 2035.

    The work of Smartmoto Togliatti Racing Team at TSU, as well as its performances at Russian and international competitions, is carried out within the framework of the strategic project Higher Engineering School of TSU Development Program.