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    The best young scientist of Eurasia

    Doszhanov Yerlan Ospanovich is a highly qualified specialist in the field of petrochemistry, microbiology and ecology. The main area of his scientific research concerns the environmental problems of the Republic of Kazakhstan related to the processes of purification of oil-contaminated soils, oxidation of hydrocarbons and oil refining after bioremediation and phytoremediation. The problem of environmental protection and purification from oil and petroleum products pollution is becoming increasingly acute due to the limited possibilities (and sometimes environmental harm) of using biotechnological and physico-chemical purification methods for these purposes. This area of research is particularly relevant for Kazakhstan, where soil and water bodies are polluted during oil extraction, transportation, processing and storage. Meanwhile, many aspects of the impact of hydrocarbon pollution on the environment and humans have been little studied.

    For the first time , together with the laboratory staff under the guidance of Prof. Z.A. Mansurova proposed a method for investigating the regularities of the process of biooxidation of oil and petroleum products in soils depending on the process parameters and physico-chemical characteristics of hydrocarbons.

    The proposed unique biochemical method for identifying sources of hydrocarbon pollution and assessing the degradation of oil and petroleum products in soil systems has been used in the implementation of scientific projects and published in a number of internationally cited journals.

    The patterns and information obtained as a result of the performed studies on the utilization of hydrocarbon raw materials in the technogenesis zone are of great practical importance in petrochemistry and ecology for taking effective measures to reduce the impact of oil and petroleum products on the local population and predicting the biochemical and physico-chemical behavior of hydrocarbons in oil production sites, during its transportation, processing and storage. The obtained scientific results, as well as biochemical methods of analysis developed during the implementation of scientific projects, are widely used in the educational process in the courses “Petrochemistry”, “Oil and Gas business” (section “Ecology of the oil and gas complex”), including in the discipline taught in English (“Petrochemisty”).

    He participated in conducting research work on oil fields and granary oil fields, conducted as part of scientific projects for conducting model and field experiments on cleaning soils with free cells of hydrocarbon-oxidizing microorganisms and oil-resistant plants.

    In accordance with the program of scientific activity for the period of receiving the award, E.O. Doszhanov was engaged in the development of scientific foundations for the creation of a new technology for remediation of soils contaminated with organic hydrocarbons, taking into account the peculiarities of biotic and climatic conditions of the regions of Kazakhstan.

    The development and implementation of highly effective biotechnologies based on the use of microorganisms-destructors of hydrocarbons, plants-accumulators for the protection and protection of the environment in oil-polluted soils of the regions of Kazakhstan are relevant. In order to develop a high technological level that ensures the formation of a biotechnological cluster, it is necessary to provide scientific and technical support for the development of biotechnology in the republic for the purification of soils from oil and petroleum products.

    The expected scientific results will have important theoretical and applied significance in petrochemistry, biotechnology and ecology, which is associated with ensuring the safety of the population and preventing hydrocarbon pollution of the territory of Kazakhstan.

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