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    Thammasat’s students – Champion of Toyota Campus Challenge Talk about Safety Campaign in University

    It is the second year that Thammasat’s students won a championship in “Toyota Campus Challenge 2019”. It is the work of four 3rd year students, including Mr.Thanapat Prompat and Ms.Arthitaya Pimpakam from Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication and Ms,Areeya Norsuwan from Faculty of Arts, and Ms.Pawarisa Patthamasuwan from Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education. They raised the idea of “zebra crossing” and created a campaign for safety in institutions. They want to persuade “TU’s students to use zebra crossing for their safety”.

    This year, the topic for competition is “awaken young generation to build a good driver society and reduce accidents in institutions to zero”. Contestants have to analyze problems, plan a campaign, implement a plan, and evaluate the project.

    The beginning of the “zebra crossing” campaign.

    We create communication channels to raise students awareness, especially social students who cross the road around SC cafeteria and SC building. We have cooperated with TU100 students creating Zebra Crossing Calling See Me group. According to the survey, there are many students crossing the road in this area and facing the problem as it is difficult to cross the road here. We also face this problem so we want to create a safe pedestrian crossing in this area. We start from creating a zebra crossing and regulate pedestrians and drivers behavior in this area.

    Let’s talk about the idea and the presentation of this project

    We use story-telling strategy. We tell the story through a key message, “Auspiciousness”. After that, we create content in relation to our key message via online and offline media such as Viral Video and Online Content. Next, we built a Mascot called “Nong Namchok” in order to deliver a message about safety on campus. It is an innovative and interesting way of communication. We also integrate media tools to deliver a message to a direct target group by analyzing students behavior. We are pleased to be part of the solution to this problem. The most important thing of joining this competition is not a reward but critical thinking and practical implementation of the plan in a small part of the university.

    Next step of plan development

    We plan to extend the project into two parts which are Sustainability Project and Communication & Education Project. The main goals are to create a safe area for student’s sustainable usage of the area and to raise safety awareness to students.

    In terms of Sustainability Project, we will construct a raised crosswalk to replace the old zebra crossing in order to make it more sustainable and effective. We will also reconstruct the area around zebra crossing to be a disable-friendly crosswalk. For Communication & Education Project, we will create educational tools about traffic rules and raise awareness on safety in TU 100 course. We will hold a Safety Together camp. The project aims to raise awareness in safety conduct for Thammasat Secondary School students.

    According to the concept of the project, let’s see what the students think about “safety in institutions”.

    “Safety” is when everyone arrives at their destination as they wish and be considerate to their companions. Starting from our small community which is the university, we will be cultivated to apply this practice in the future. The challenging thing is how to make everyone access to safety equally, especially in the university. Therefore, the university has to develop safe infrastructure for the benefit of the students.

    Talking about participation in creating safety in the institution

    We can take part in creating safety in the institution through 2 ways which are to be conscious and respect other people’s rights. If we are conscious in what we do and respect others’ rights by following traffic’s rules, we can sustainably create safety in the institution. Therefore, our project acts as a final push to make people aware and follow the rules. In another point, basic infrastructure that the university offers has to be good and high quality.


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