Thammasat University’s new course aims to inspire and build entrepreneurship


Thammasat University has recently launched a course on Innovation & Entrepreneurial Mindset or Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking Process (TU 109) to help nurture and build future entrepreneurs.

The program will have 30 entrepreneurs as “Course Mentors”. They will serve to help spark up ideas and to inspire students by conveying their experiences and coaching.

 The university looks at this course as the first step for students in direction of creating their start-Ups while they are still in the university.

Tee-Pattanapong Ranurak and Tong-Thanet Jirasawaekdilok, the two founders of the premium spa brand Divana and Dii Group, who are the Course Directors of the course said that the new generation is knowledgeable, fast and intelligent. Therefore, teaching using Knowledge-based learning as a foundation, may not be able to keep up with this change.

“We, therefore, develop courses and offer classes with Project-based learning –Activity-based learning and Team-based learning, with case studies supporting the exchange of learning among them,” they said.

“We will construct a variety of classes, gathering real entrepreneurs to share both their success, failures, and errors to optimize learning from actual experiences in a short period of time in person, including inviting experts in setting up companies to enter the stock market, etc., to meet with students in close proximity, the module will be available for students in Semester One of Freshmen Year, so we will be focusing on building passion and inspiring them as well,” added the course director.

“What we will be lecturing about are experiences, passion and the key is that we will be teaching about failures. This is due to the fact that most classes are based on success. As for education from failures, the number is countable,” explained the Course Director of TU 109.

As for TU 109, it was originated from the idea of Rector ​​Assoc. Prof. Gasinee Witoonchart who wishes to foster entrepreneurship skills in the modern world and would like to nurture at least 1,000 students a year on the path of entrepreneurship.

Assoc. Prof. Gasinee therefore has designed and developed the curriculum together with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pipop Udorn, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. The curriculum has been finalised into 3 modules, namely TU 109, TU 209 and TU 309, which will be providing classes from Basic to Advanced levels, aiming for students to develop themselves so that they can earn money during their years as students.

88 Sandbox, which is Thammasat’s newest ecosystem will be acting as a platform for potential startups within and outside the university.

Assoc. Prof. Gasinee said that TU 109 was initiated from the analysis of global education trends together with micro behaviour, which is based on students’ behaviour and what they are interested to learn about.

“We aim that prior to students’ graduation, they must have come up with their own business and are able to try testing in crowdfunding. In which, we will be having mentors to join the course and provide close guidance. I am confident that students will obtain a deep-seated experience of innovation and entrepreneurship that is good, virtuous, and will definitely be an important force in a better society,” said Assoc. Prof. Gasinee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pipop said that TU 109 innovation and entrepreneurial thinking process module is a general education course designed to build entrepreneurs who are ready for the world of tomorrow. The teaching approaches must be framed and be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and focusing on enhancing life’s essential attributes in accordance with Thammasat University’s principles.

“Students will be having a chance to learn both concepts and skills to foster success for start-up businesses, as well as acquiring hands-on practice, both in terms of crowdfunding, 1-minute pitch preparation, storytelling, business analysis using the Business model canvas, and financial analysis,” explained Assoc. Prof. Dr Pipop