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    Thammasat students receive first prize in GrabSpark Business Plan Contest

    GrabSpark Business Plan Contest under the topic “Driving Business Growth with Data in the Post-pandemic Era” is a platform for young people to show their potential and promote the use of business knowledge combined with new ideas in order to drive and foster business growth in the post-Covid era through the “GrabSpark” business plan contest held for the first time this year, the “Grob Grab Grob Grab” team received a plaque of honor with 50,000 Thai baht cash price.

    A team of students from the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University, consists of Ms. Suchada Charoenkittitham, Ms. Pitchaya Wangpreedalertkul, Ms. Alin Saenchaichana, and Mr. Polawat Pornbenjaphakkul presents a business plan entitled “Wait and Pop, Pick and Drop”, which stands out for its idea of developing new features to further develop GrabMart’s services by using the service information as well as consumer behavior to analyze, study problems, limitations and find new business opportunities that help meet the needs of service users. At the same time, they have come up with a marketing plan that will help Grab’s driver-partners and merchants generate more revenue.

    Ms. Suchada Charoenkittitham, a student representative from the Grob Grab Grob Grab team said, “We were all very excited and enjoyed this competition. Unlike other business planning contests, GrabSpark strongly focuses on studying and taking advantage of Big Data as it genuinely reflects the behavior of service usage and affects the business in real-time. It is an opportunity for us to practice and develop our skills in analyzing deeper and more accurate data. It also opened up new approaches from management’s recommendations. This allows us to see the perspective and visualization of the actual work in the Tech Company.

    More importantly, joining the GrabSpark contest also made us learn that the concept of ‘creating shared value’ is very important. Businesses cannot grow sustainably if society does not grow along. Businesses cannot only think of profits, but it shall as well take into account the people in the business cycle and has to create positive changes for the wider society. It was a really impressive experience.