Thammasat University signs Memorandum of Academic Cooperation with HK Management & Service


The Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University (TSE), represented by Associate Professor Dr. Tira Jiasiripongkul, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Associate Professor Dr. Plaiwan Suttanon, Dean of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, have signed a memorandum of academic cooperation with HK Management & Service Co., Ltd. represented by Miss Hemnarat Kitiyanan, the Managing Director.

The memorandum of cooperation was prepared with the objective of promoting cooperation in testing a UVC sterilizer called “Smart Handy” manufactured by HK Management & Service Co., Ltd. Assistant Professor Dr Pratchaya Prempranirat from the TSE Department of Mechanical Engineering calibrated the Smart Handy machine to sterilize effectively.

In addition, with cooperation from Associate Professor Dr Worada Samosornsuk from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences who tested sterilization efficiency. This machine can be used to prevent and ease COVID-19 infections.  Furthermore, future sterilizers can be developed based on this device.