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    Thammasat University innovates award winning medical robot

    TKK Corporation Co.Ltd., Suppliers of  Robotic Products and Factory Automation System, in collaboration with Chulabhorn International College of Medicine, Thammasat University, Innovation Center for Robotics and Automation System at Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM), and business partners have developed ‘Autonomous Mobile Robot for Hospital Care Services’.

    The objective is to lighten the workload of healthcare workers in transporting equipment and medicine and to reduce COVID-19 infection risk. With its potential that supports medical staff, the innovation has won Innovation Best Award 2020 from International British Inventions, Innovation Exhibition (IBIX).

    Creator team of this robot includes Associate Professor Md. Kammal Kummar Pawa, Former Dean of Chulabhorn International College of Medicine and Vice-Rector for Special Affairs, Thammasat University; Kanlayanee Kongsomjit, Committee Chairman at TKK Corporation Co.Ltd.; Dr.Tunyawat Somjaitaweeporn, Director at Innovation Center for Robotics and Automation System at Panyapiwat Institute of Management; Kanit Vallayapet, Former Assistant Minister to Prime Minister and Director at Baker & McKenzie Ltd., and Dr Budsara Wongraksak, Director of Executive Integrated Medical Management Program (EMMP).

    The AGV robot has won the Best Innovation Award 2020 from International British Inventions, Innovation Exhibition (IBIX). There were more than 1,000 innovations nominated from 40 countries.

    The AGV robot works in 2 systems. First, the robot works through a 5G network. Secondly, it works automatically. The robot is equipped with a real-time telecommunication system with doctors via the screen installed on the robot.   It helps reduce medical worker’s contact transmission risk during work.

    Moreover, there is a patient’s identity detection system to unlock the drawer in order to prevent mistakes in transporting. The robot can do temperature check without contacting the patients and there is a germicidal disinfection system afterwards. T

    This innovation can be produced on a low budget and the design is user-friendly as it contains separate medicine and food case. Moreover, the robot can automatically charge itself at the battery charger panel.

    This AGV robot is expected to bring a positive change to the medical and public health industry. It will reduce the workload of nurses and increase their potential and capability in performing other jobs. Some medical workers will no longer need to do this job, but it doesn’t mean that these people will be unemployed. They just have to upskill to do more complex task and let robots perform the routine job.

    Apart from Delivery Robot, TKK also has many other Digital Technology Platforms, including Vending Machine and Smart Kiosk. The smart kiosk is used to support patients who come to queue for treatment at the hospital. It will triage patients instead of the nurse because the kiosk will output all information about the patients such as the medical benefit that they have. The Smart Vending Machine will reduce disbursement time so the hospital can do inventory update promptly. It is easy to install, fast, and low price.

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