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    TAU-CED teams up with Indonesian faculty, steers iVISID 2022

    To improve the quality of education and administration of educational institutions, Tarlac Agricultural University’s College of Education (TAU-CED) and Universitas Brawijaya’s Faculty of Administrative Science (UB-FAS) will trailblaze the International Visiting Scholar (iVISID) 2022 through an international webinar and series of virtual assemblies on 8-11 March.

    Commencing iVISID is the forum to be presided by Dr. Christine N. Ferrer, Director of TAU-External Linkages and International Affairs (ELIA), and Dr. Hermawan, M.Si., Head of Educational Administration Program of UB-FAS. Dr. Ferrer will be clarifying misconceptions on international collaboration while Dr. Hermawan will be pursuing an exchange of ideas on international quality assurance.

    The second and third day highlights the interactive sessions on financial, instructional leadership, public relations, and educational management functions of educational institutions. Such will be spearheaded by Dr. Fadillah Amin, Head of UB-FAS Public Administration Department, Dr. Claire Anne A. Olivares, Dean of TAU-CED, Mr. Aulia Luqman Aziz, UB-FAS lecturer, and Dr. Blessie E. Lorenzo, Program Chair at TAU-CED, respectively.

    Moreover, select students will present a report on their contributions to the advancement of education, science, and innovation which is necessary “to achieve a truly connected global higher education ecosystem for the youth” on the last day of iVISID. Dr. Ferrer proposed iVISID to develop education science in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. “ We are also working on the expansion of iVISID to other ASEAN countries in 2023,” Dr. Ferrer shared.

    Universitas Brawijaya (UB) was indexed at number 271-280 in the QS Asia 2021 Rankings. With 60,000 students, UB maintains a 60-hectare campus in Malang City, East Java.

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