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    Neural network model helps predict site-specific impacts of earthquakes

    A new study published by Hiroshima University (HU) researchers in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America introduced a novel AI-based technique for...

    Broccoli compound induces cell death in yeast, offers research path for cancer treatment

    Broccoli may contain advantages beyond nutrition. A molecule found in broccoli, cabbage, and more digests down into DIM, a compound with brighter benefits than...

    A better black hole laser may prove a circuitous ‘Theory of Everything’

    The fundamental forces of physics govern the matter comprising the Universe, yet exactly how these forces work together is still not fully understood. The...

    Is mimamoru, Japan’s hands-off approach in disciplining schoolchildren, worth a try?

    A study examining Japanese schools’ hands-off approach when children fight showed it could create opportunities for autonomy and encourage ownership of solutions, suggesting a...

    Invasive weed may help treat some human diseases, researchers find

    Native to the southeastern United States, a weedy grass has spread northward to Canada and also made its way to Australia and Japan. Andropogon...