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    SUSU Researchers Develop a New Technology for Manufacturing Gas Turbine Engine Parts

    Anton Kazansky, a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk, Russia) is developing new technology for manufacturing gas turbine engine components. The young researcher became one of the winners at the UMNIK competition and received a grant to develop the project.

    Anton proposed hybrid additive casting as a new method of manufacturing parts. The postgraduate student explained that the technology can help to increase labor productivity and reduce production costs. 

    “The essence of the additive casting method is to combine two technologies to create a new one. With the help of additive technologies and remelting of the workpiece in a ceramic form, it will be possible to obtain parts that do not need subsequent mechanical processing. According to our research, there are no complete analogs of this technology in the world,” Anton Kazansky said.

    The technology is tested by the student of South Ural State University and his scientific advisors, D.Sc., Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Viktor Guzeev, and Ph.D., Dean of the Aerospace Engineering Faculty Viktor Fedorov. They use computer modeling. The graduate student also received 500 thousand rubles as a grant to develop the project.

    The young researcher is going to create an experimental sample of an engine component using the technology he proposed. This technology might be used at the leading enterprises which specialize in the manufacturing of gas turbine engine parts.