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    Sunway TES Celebrates Achievement of Top 3 Best ACCA Students

    Following the most recent ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) December 2020 exam sitting, three of Sunway TES great achievers scored as the best ACCA Top Affiliates in Malaysia with their impressive exam scores.

    Nur Aida Sabriena Binti Ramli, the Yayasan TM Scholar, ranked as the 1st ACCA Top Affiliate in Malaysia with an average of 74.5% marks.

    “I was offered a scholarship by Yayasan TM to study in Sunway TES. I believe why they have chosen this college is due to its prestigious name, not to mention its ability to produce excellent achievers in every exam sitting. For those who love accounting, you are highly recommended to study in Sunway TES. The facilities are impressive, the lecturers are very much helpful and regular internal exams are so effective that they will remind students to always get ready for the real final,” said the Yayasan TM Scholar.  Nur Aida Sabriena was also the Malaysian Prizewinner for Taxation (MYS), in December 2018.

    The Yayasan Peneraju Scholar, Iffah binti Chek Peei also ranked as one of the ACCA Top Affiliates in the December 2020 exam sitting. Being ranked as the 2nd ACCA Top Affiliate in Malaysia at the average of 73.25% marks, Iffah shared “Although the ACCA course is challenging and requires a strong commitment to passing, it for sure provides greater job opportunities in future. To those interested to pursue ACCA, I do recommend Sunway TES due to its experienced lecturers and great facilities. I had a great time and experience for the past 3.5 years here.”

    This ACCA Top Affiliate title is awarded to ACCA students who achieves the highest average marks for the ACCA Strategic Professional level exam.

    “I applause my students who attained great achievement in the CAT and ACCA December 2020 examinations that make Sunway TES CAE proud.  Sunway TES CAE stands as a leader in the education and training of professional accountants is due, in part, to the core of qualified, experienced, committed, and caring lecturers. Sunway TES CAE is privileged to receive continuous support from the Big 5 professional services firms who contribute significant roles in imparting practical and industrial knowledge to my students through guest lecture series, audit simulation programme and many more to name.” said Mr Teo Ee Sing, executive director of Sunway College and Founder of Sunway TES.

    “As well, I wish to record my gratitude to Yayasan Peneraju, Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (YTM) and other sponsorship organisations for their confidence in Sunway TES CAE by entrusting their scholars to study ACCA at Sunway TES CAE. I am very certain that the scholars excel in their studies as they are well supported by the dedicated team of lecturers and provided with a conducive campus environment,” he added.

    One of the greatest achievers, Lim Xin Ying ranked as the 3rd ACCA Top Affiliate in Malaysia at an average of 73% marks. “The lecturers are very competent and experienced in teaching. They always teach with enthusiasm and they are very well-prepared for the classes. Besides, they will also provide additional learning materials for the student to gain a better understanding of the syllabus,” said Xin Ying when asked about her opinion of the Sunway TES lecturers.

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunway TES strives to provide quality education for all the students even during these exceptional times. As a testament to Sunway TES’ quality of education, multiple world prize and Malaysian prize winners for CAT and ACCA were achieved by Sunway TES students for the ACCA December 2020 exam sitting. Throughout Sunway TES’ 27 years of its incorporation into Sunway College, it has consistently nurtured prize winners for Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and ACCA programme.

    Mr Teo shared, “As a firm believer and practitioner of quality education, best practices in teaching and learning, and life- long education, I endeavour to produce graduates who are the preferred choice of employers and who will work towards a sustained and inclusive socio-economic, cultural and green environment in the irrespective communities, societies and countries.”

    To date, Sunway TES has produced a total of 216 world prize winners for CAT and ACCA, and a total of 673 Malaysian prize winners for CAT and ACCA. Sunway TES was awarded a Platinum Status Approved Learning Partner since the year 2003 and has since held onto the status for a consecutive 18 years. This signified the consistent top-quality education that was provided to students on top of achieving high passing rates.