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    Students of UNAIR won silver medal at World Young Innovation, Invention and Exhibition (WYIE) 2019

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) students made another achievement in international championship. This time, three students from (FV) Medical Laboratory Technology (TLM) program Faculty of Vocational Studies won a silver medal at World Young Innovation, Invention and Exhibition (WYIE) in Tertiary Level (Biotechnology and Health) category. The event was organized by Malaysian Innovation, Invention and Design Society, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2-4 May 2019.

    Studying about natural antibacterial agent from shells, the three students, Alvin Rubiantoro Priadi (2017), Revi Istighfarini (2017), and Nely Sary (2018), highlighted three things that inspired them to use shells as main material.

    All three managed to defeat the participants from Asia and Europe. Alvin, the team representative revealed that the reason for choosing shells was due to the abundance of shells on the beach that can also harm people’s health.

    “Without realizing it, shells on the beach can harm our health because they smell and they are dirty,” said Alvin.

    Alvin also revealed that another reason for choosing shells to be used as antibacterial agent is the oral health problems in Indonesia as this antibacterial agent can be used in mouthwash production.

    “The 2017 Ministry of Health’s basic health research survey showed dental and oral health problems in Indonesia is a serious problem, reaching 60 percent of the 10 diseases suffered by people, it is the reason we make seashells as antibacterial agent,” Alvin said.

    The last to pint out is the chemicals found in usual mouthwash which can damage the environment as residual waste after being used.

    “We know that the main material in mouthwash can pollute the environment. Therefore, we created natural antibacterial from shells, because the abundance of them on the beach will increase the economy of coastal communities, “he added.

    Alvin also shared tips to other students on how to manage time between organizational activities and their studies so they can still make achievements.

    “I always write my schedule and the main one is priority management. Stay passionate in looking for opportunities because they don’t come only to people who are able, but also to people who want, “Alvin said. (*)

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