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    “Spread the light”

    It is human nature to search for the meaning of life, and due to modern processes of cultural globalization of the 21st century, this has become difficult and controversial.

    On the one hand, a human is a complex, multifaceted, creative, independent person; on the other hand, it is a small slave creature in a web of meanings, simulacrum, media. And to understand the eternal search for yourself will help a new understanding of culture, and its role in modern society. As such, the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies of Kazakh national university has initiated a project «Ainalandy nurlandyr», which also means “spread the light”. This project reflects the value of the culture and cultural heritage of the people creates a healthy society, with traditions and customs, value orientations handed down from generation to generation.

    This year, as the university celebrates its anniversary, the various departments will also be contributing to the general well-being of the leading national university in Kazakhstan. In the framework of the above project, the department held events dedicated to the study of native and foreign languages, the study of memorable and sacred places in Kazakhstan, digital culture and the place of a person in it, the search for truth in the writings of Eastern philosophers.

    The year 2019 has also been declared as the year of youth in Kazakhstan. Therefore, the University will be focusing its attention on spreading light in the eyes and minds of young Kazakhstanis. And the above-mentioned project is intended to bring together departments and other divisions of a large institution of higher education for educating and nurturing talents, the future of which is associated with the prosperity of the young state.