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    Soft Launch of Jababeka-President University Joint Project

    President University and PT Jababeka Infrastruktur held a soft opening for the Jababeka Fabrication Laboratory (Fablab), on 25 February 2021.

    Jababeka Fablab is a laboratory that provides technological facilities to support Industry 4.0.

    The soft opening was marked by holding a talk titled” Create, Innovate, Collaborate” with speakers Tjahjadi Rahardja and Sutedja Darmono, both Directors of PT Jababeka Tbk. and Professor Dr Jony Haryanto, Rector of President University. The session was hosted by Rudy Subrata, General Manager of Industrial Sales & Marketing of PT Jababeka Tbk.

    “We are preparing for training and technology,  including software for companies wanting to apply the Industry 4.0 concept,” said Tjahjadi.

    In this laboratory, said Tjahjadi, the public, including President University students, can experiment or create works. Meanwhile, Sutedja hopes that Fablab can support the idea of making the Jababeka industrial area a “silicon valley” for Industry 4.0.

    Jony Haryanto hopes that Fablab will help students and the community to improve their skills, especially skills that are in touch with Industry 4.0 technology.