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    Sapuangin ITS Team Study at Ferrari Italian Headquarters

    Maranello, ITS News – The achievement of Sapuangin Team from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia as world champion at the Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship 2018 in London last year providing more experience to all team members. One of them had received the opportunity to visit and study directly at Ferrari’s headquarters in Italy at the end of last year.

    The visit was obtained by Sapuangin ITS Team as an award from Shell for its victory in the prestigious world energy-efficient car event. Mochammad Hafis Habibi as one part of the team feels very enthusiast in the visit. There are so many lessons learned, he said.

    He claimed his team got a lot of new knowledge about the automotive there. They were taught directly by a Scuderia Ferrari team technician who had experience in Formula 1 (F1) racing cars. They discussed directly some parts of the problem in the vehicle as well as the chassis, transmission and aerodynamic. After that, we were immediately invited to a test track at the Fiorano Circuit located behind the F1 team headquarters, said the General Manager of the Sapuangin ITS Team.

    The student of ITS Mechanical Engineering Department also being told that his team had been invited to tour Maranello City in Italy by riding Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The car was driven directly by the Ferrari test driver, Marc Gene crossed the Maranello City’s street towards the Ferrari Museum. At the museum, he and his team saw many sports cars produced by Ferarri. “We also had the chance to experience the F1 simulator and pitstop simulations there too,” added the man who is also the driver of Sapuangin team.

    Besides to learning some things about automotive as a provision to be applied directly to the team in the future, the man who is often called Habibi explained, he and his team also got a lot of new experiences, especially in terms of culture and environment there. He claimed to get cold because the visit took place when the temperature of Maranello City was around 4 degrees Celsius because of winter. “But the cool thing is that we are entertained by the panoramic view of the buildings there that still retain its ancient architecture,” explained the student from Tulungagung.

    The visit of Sapuangin ITS Team to the Ferrari headquarters also received remarks and appreciation. They were asked about their strategy in winning the championship at 2018 Drivers’ World Championship. In addition, they were also asked about the extent of research of Sapuangin ITS Team so far in developing energy-efficient cars. “That warm welcome is what makes us feel very well received there,” he said.

    As a symbol of appreciation to Sapuangin ITS Team, the Ferrari team gave a hat signed directly by F1 drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel while competing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The hat was given to them during a visit to the Ferrari Museum. The experience gained during the visit is expected to be able to participate in developing ITS Team Sapuangin to be more successful in the international arena in the future. (sep/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)


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