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    Puji Anugerah Elected as National Presidium of Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional Indonesia (FKMHII)

    The International Relations Study Program is designed for students who passionate to explore interactions between various actors involved in international politics. In this case, an in-depth study between the state and international actors in the phenomenon of global politics requires the role of International Relations (IR) students, not only to understand theoretical concepts but also to directly put it into practice through negotiation and leadership. Thus, IR students in Indonesia established The International Relations Student Communication Forum of Indonesia (FKMHII) as a forum to enhance the active role of students in formulating resolutions that might assist the government to solve international problems.

    In the new management for the 2019/2020 period, President University student, Puji Anugerah (International Relations 2017) was selected as the National Presidium of the Regional Coordinator II FKMHII Greater Jakarta. The election was conducted by deliberation and consensus at the Regional Coordination Meeting held at the University of Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Religious) on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

    “To be honest, for me, this is not easy, I have a great burden and responsibility in leading the forum, but I believe this burden will be felt lightly with a smile and cooperation from cooperative members”, said Puji.

    Puji has the responsibility to lead monthly meetings in the Greater Jakarta area and to lead national meetings at the National Meeting of International Relations Students in Indonesia (PNHMHII) and the National Intermediate Meeting of Students of International Relations in Indonesia (PSNMHII). Obviously, this proud achievement was certainly driven by hard work and dedication when Puji serving as the Head of the Foreign Affairs Division at the President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR).

    Puji has a strong motivation to make a forum not only as a discussion forum but also to make it a home to enhance skills in academic and non-academic fields. Immediately, Puji is committed to making IR students more sensitive to political issues both at home and abroad and embracing and strengthening solidarity among FKMHII members.

    “Knowledge is not only obtained through formal education in the classroom, but there is a lot of new knowledge and experience that we can also get by actively joining organization outside the classroom”, said Puji.

    Last but not least, Puji encourages other IR students to actively join the organization to improve soft skills. Puji also emphasizes the importance of balance academics and non-academics to adapt to the environment in the era of globalization.

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