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    President University Welcomes New Students with the “Independent Campus” Curriculum

    A total of 1517 students joined President University in 2020 and became the first batch to fully study with the new curriculum.

    In fact, President University has long applied a concept similar to the concept of an Independent Campus. This can be seen from President University’s efforts to build a close relationship with industry through various internship programs, training, or living laboratories so that graduates can become professional entrepreneurs and employees possess with skills needed by industry.

    With the launch of the Independent Campus concept by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, President University also updated its curriculum so that the learning process that was initially independent becomes even “more independent”.

    In the new curriculum, students are encouraged to prepare their careers as early as possible. President University through the President Career Streams program provides instruction and training through 3 career streams, namely professional, mentorship, and scholarship stream since the beginning of their study at the university.

    Professional Stream is aimed at students who wish to become professionals in a specific industry. Students may choose to participate in an internship for 1 year to prepare for full-time work immediately after they graduate. Mentorship Stream is intended for students who want to establish their own startup companies. Students can be guided by experienced lecturers and practitioners to build a company or run a specific project.

    President University itself has Setsail BizAccel, a business incubator that has guided various student startups and received grants from the European Union. Meanwhile, the Scholarship Stream is intended for students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. Students can take part in student exchange programs with dozens of President University university partners in various countries.

    To equip students with superior soft skills and hard skills, students of all majors have to take compulsory courses in the first year, including Emotional Intelligence, Integrated Survival Experience, Statistics, Digital Literacy and Communication, Psychology and Design Thinking, also Coding and Big Data.

    In addition to the compulsory subjects above, this new curriculum allows students to take courses outside of their study program or university. This action is made to enable students to gain knowledge based on their interests. Thus, President University hopes that an innovative learning process will be created and can meet the needs of each student.


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