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    President University student elected as literacy and financial inclusion ambassador at AkSiMuda 2019

    More than 65 million of Indonesia populations fall between the age range of 15 to 29. Only looking from the perspective of the significant amount of the population within those age range, these age range is the wheel to steer our economy in the future. Realizing this opportunity, Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) has set up a Youth Financial Inclusion Strategy to improve the capability of the age range in the aspects of literacy and financial inclusion.

    Pursuant towards this strategy, Financial Services Authority invited students from 47 universities in Indonesia to a nation-wide program called “AkSiMuda 2019” at Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) on July 30th 2019. On that occasion, 100 students of President University attended that event on purpose to dedicatedly improve the financial quality of Indonesia. Not only participated by students, but the event was also attended by several notable governmental members such as Darmin Nasution Republic of Indonesia Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs and Mohammad Nasir Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

    AkSiMuda 2019 emphasized on the topic of the savings. The definitions of savings are being enwidened. As most would define savings into the restricted meaning of putting money into bank accounts, this program provides insight into why savings is more than putting money into accounts. People are also saving when they are investing, whether in insurance, gold, stocks or other types of assets. The importance of saving was also reiterated by Darmin Nasution, as saving would be the foundation of Indonesia independent financial.

    On the same occasion, an achievement was obtained by one of the students of President University. Impressed by the deep knowledge and skills in literacy and financial inclusion possessed by La Ode Rifaldi Nedan Prakasa (International Relations 2017), Bank Mandiri elected him as Literacy and Financial Inclusion Ambassador. La Ode also represents Bank Mandiri to recite a pledge to takes part in improving literacy and financial inclusion in Indonesia.

    “I sincerely hope that the students of President University would also accustom themselves to the culture of savings to create financial inclusion within youth. As one of the Ambassador, in the near future I’m intending to introduce saving programs to President University students in order to make them understand the importance of savings,” said La Ode.

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