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    President University Opens Korean Language Classes in Collaboration with Mokpo University

    Home to many large multinational companies including LG, Samsung, and Hyundai, Korea is considered one of the best countries for President University students to pursue their careers. Thus, mastering the Korean language is an immeasurable asset.

    In response to this fact, President University opens a Korean language class for all students and staff. In collaboration with Mokpo National University (MNU), two lecturers were brought directly from MNU, South Korea to lead the class.

    Has been running for two weeks, the class has drawn a lot of attention from students. Kim Min Sil, the lecturer from MNU who has 10 years of teaching experience abroad namely China, Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Vietnam was impressed by the students who showed their passion for learning the Korean language. “This is my first time in Indonesia and I’m happy to see that the students at President University have so much interest in Korean language and culture,” she said.

    In line with Kim, Yang Jin Kyoung, another lecturer from MNU was impressed by the students who showed their earnestness in learning the Korean language.  “It took me by surprise that most of the students have already learned essential elements such as grammar which make big differences between Korean language and Bahasa Indonesia before the class. They also learned the manners and culture of Korea,” she said.

    Regarding Mokpo National University who took part in this collaboration, Yang explained, “Mokpo National University wants to lay the groundwork for spreading out Korea and Korean culture, and by extension, to discover potential students who will be a solid bridge between MNU and President University in the near future. This led us here to carry out the mission by providing Korean class on campus.”

    Yang also added, “Considering investments of Korean companies are expected to continue and increase quite noticeably in Indonesia, in my opinion, those who have experience and knowledge about Korea and Korean language, will be more likely to take an opportunity to develop their careers in a wide range of companies and industries. Furthermore, they will hopefully make their way into a successful career.”

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