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    President University: Lecturers Require to Predict the Future in This Shifting Business Patern

    Today’s business world has been shifting both from the consumers’ side and also from the companies’ side. This shifting occurred as the businesses rush to find their place in this evolving digital era which leads them to the era of digital ecosystems. These changes must be addressed properly by the lecturers of universities and adjusted to the learning process in order to prepare students to be ready to enter the ‘real’ world.

    This notion was mentioned by Adhi Setyo Santoso, ST., MBA., a lecturer of the Faculty of Business President University at the selection of Dosen Berprestasi (Outstanding Lecturer) at the LLDIKTI level.

    To that end, Adhi also presented his idea to form a business model that can analyze and predict future trends. Furthermore, he explained how the model could be used in the learning curriculum at President University. “What’s interesting is that the lecturer is currently not only required to be up-to-date but also can predict future trends,” Adhi said.

    On this occasion, Adhi who is also the Director of the Business Incubator at President University was chosen as the Lecturer with Rank III Achievement, LLDIKTI Region IV in 2019 in the social humanities category. This election will be held on 30-31 July 2019.

    This award is given annually by the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Region IV Higher Education Service Institutions as a form of appreciation to lecturers and education staff who have been dedicated to carrying out the Tri Darma of higher education (teaching, research, and community service).

    Adhi claimed he got a lot of points from categories that were not widely obtained by other lecturers. One of them is the high grant value. “In 2017, we managed to get a grant of 2 billion rupiahs. Recently, together with 7 Indonesian universities and 3 European universities, we managed to get a grant worth approximately 16 billion rupiahs to establish disaster management in disaster-prone points in Indonesia. This is a plus more for me, “he said. In addition, the number of Scopus indexed journals that he wrote also became more value which led him to rank III.

    Adhi hopes that this achievement can motivate other lecturers to continue working in the Indonesian education world. Not only useful for oneself but also beneficial for students and institutions.

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