President University Granted Erasmus’ Fund for Disaster Management


President University was elected as one of the grant recipients from Erasmus. 979,126 euros was granted to eight universities from Indonesia and three universities from Europe which built a consortium and submitted a proposal “Building Universities in Leading Disaster Resilience” (BuiLD).

The project aims to create a Center of Excellence in Disaster Resilience in each participating Indonesian Higher Education Institutions (HEI). These centers would oversee the implementation of a comprehensive Disaster Resilience Framework within the respective higher education institutions (HEI).

While the specific objectives of the projects were to conduct a comprehensive resilience capacity assessment for each Indonesian partner and to create institutional action plans for a comprehensive implementation of the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Framework.

From the specific objectives, the consortium was also frame several sub-objectives such as develop a Best Practice Model for HEI governance to review the extent to which disaster resilience is embedded in institutional governance and design an institutional audit tool, design a Disaster Response and Recovery Blueprint for HEIs and facilitate its adoption, design curriculum and virtual reality disaster awareness-training toolkit. The reason behind the grant for these eight universities in Indonesia was due to the relatively high level of natural disasters in Indonesia.