President University gives National and Southeast Asian Film-Television certification


Recognition of work competencies is the basic human needs before entering the industrial world. Competency certification which is given by a competent authority,  become a legal product of national recognition of someone’s ability in a specific job. This was explained by Naswan Iskandar, S.Sn., M.Sn. , Lecturer of Communication Studies in Film & Television concentration.

This fact encouraged Communication Study Program to show a contribution to improve its education and quality. Based on decree from Head of Professional Certification Institution (LSP) No: 013/SK/Ket-LSP/VII/2019, President University selected become Competency Test Place (TUK) at the expertise of film and television in Indonesia.

This selection has been passed through appropriate verification based on the technical requirements of Competency Test Place (TUK) and use a certification scheme which was done by Professional Certification Institution (LSP) Creator FTV Indonesia.

Through this program, President University especially Communication Studies in Film & Television concentration,  will become a training place for students in the field of film and television. After being trained, students will be tested as a benchmarks for obtaining a certificate. Thus President University can directly certify its students before entering the world of work. Besides being opened for President University students, training and testing will also be opened to the general public.

“Having certified lecturers, sufficient and good equipment, become one of the initial requirements before being determined as a Competency Test Place (TUK) by the Professional Certification Institution (LSP),” said Naswan Iskandar. So far, President University is the fourth Competency Test Place (TUK) in Indonesia with competency certificates that recognized in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The selection of Competency Test Place (TUK) has made a first big leap in the history of Communication Studies President University while also affirming the ability of President University students to enter real practice in the field of film and television.

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