NTU Plus Academy Launches the Virtual Program of AI Development and Application


National Taiwan University Plus Academy has launched the AI Development and Application Online Program to highlight cross-border academic exchanges and talent development in addition to advancing interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Through integrating engineering, agriculture, medicine, geospatial science as well as human computer interaction (HCI) and virtual reality, overseas students from the United States, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong engaged with the international short-term online program to explore the pioneering landscape of science and technology.

The program, conducted from November 23 to December 6, not only demonstrated endeavors for advancement of internationalization of higher education during the Covid-19 pandemic but also featured the university’s resilience to promote STEM education which allows students from more than 35 universities and high schools beyond borders to be empowered with the technology of the NTU Courses Online (NTU COOL).

According to a survey conducted by the Office of International Affairs, the program is highly approved by participating students, showing that virtual education could be vital as the future trend of learning.